Casamoderna (floors, furniture, kitchens, screeds) they make up the area of 1600 m2. In our light studio we will be happy to take maximum care and advise you how to choose the right lighting for your flat, house, office or garden. If you are looking for an individual, fresh and modern solution of lighting of your interior, visit our light studio AULIX and let us create a lighting design for your flat, house, office or even shop exactly according to your ideas, wishes and requests..
In our light studio you can also try different types of intelligent lighting control systems (KNX, Zigbee, Casambi, Alexa). We will be happy to explain you what is needed to install such systems at home.
In our websites in the section Assortment, in the light studio and also in our e-shopu we offer modern interior lighting in classical as well as unconventional design, you'll find lots of hanging lamps, ceiling or wall lightings in our shops. You can also choose table and floor lamps, recessed luminaires, kitchens, bathrooms and children's rooms lightings, paintings lightings, rail and wire systems, lighting in the drawer and many others. As for the exterior, we also offer you.
Commissioned production of the lightings
We also offer, besides the sale of complete lightings, commissioned manufacturing of the lightings.. The biggest advantage is the choice from more than 1.000 kinds of materials, possibility to use your own material (curtains, upholstery, wallpaper) for production of luminaires, but mainly the possibility of implementation of some unique solutions - we make luminaires and lightings made-to-measure in different sizes. If you decide for custom work of your luminary, you can count on a highly individual approach. We also produce metal luminaires with ceramic shades, so-called Landhaus style..


Správné světlo v koupelně

Požadavky na osvětlení koupelny jsou různé - jasné světlo ráno k probuzení, co nejpřirozenější světlo pro líčení či holení a teplé světlo pro relaxaci. Poskytneme vám proto cenné rady, jak dosáhnout ideálního osvětlení v koupelně, která funguje jako takové domácí wellnes.

Více zde..
18.3.2024 / By AULIX

Nový katalog svítidel LED2

Pro letošní sezónu je nachystán nový katalog moderních svítidel LED2, ve kterém najdete svítidla do celého domu, bytu i zahrady.
18.3.2024 / By AULIX

Nové katalogy svítidel PAUL NEUHAUS a LEUCHTEN DIREKT

Svítidla s mechem pro lepší akustiku nebo svítidla ovládaná motorem - to jsou NOVINKY, které si můžete nalistovat v nových katalozích.
9.10.2023 / By AULIX

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